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10 Reasons To Play Guild Wars 2 (2017) | Guild Wars 2 New Player Review

Why Guild War 2 is worth playing?

Whether your a veteran or new to the MMORPG genre, you might heard Guild War 2. This game was released in 4th quarter of 2012 and developed by Arenanet. Since it was released, it has already grown a huge¬† fans. Here are some reasons why Guild War 2 is worth playing: More financially viable than […]

Guild War 2 featured on Arena Junkies

In addition to World War Craft, Arena Junkies included Guild War 2, they took time to consider this feature because other games failed to deliver their expected result, but they believed that it will be different in Guild War 2.  

Guild War 2 Junkies Information

Junkie Nation Expansion: Guild War 2 Junkies

Junkie Nation proudly announced that they have a new site called Guild War 2. This is primed to be the best MMORPG in year 2012.

Guild Wars 2 Classes

Guild Wars 2 Theif Skills